Desirable for Cleaning in Heat Treatment Process


Hydrocarbon Big One-Bath Vacuum Cleaning & Drying System
Large Size One Bath Vacuum Cleaning & Drying System
full of unique expertise of CLEANVY, the leading company
in hydrocarbon cleaning system industry


Model BIOVA-6195 BIOVA-61122 BIOVA-76122
Basket Size W610 x D950 x H610 W610 x D1220 x H700 W760 x D1220 x H760
Max. Loading Capacity 600 kg 700 kg 1000 kg
Cycle Time 20 min 25 min 30 min
Shower Pump Ability 450 L/min 2.2KW 500 L/min 3KW 600 L/min 4KW
Distillation Ability (& Vapor Ability) *1 400 L/h 400 L/h 500 L/h
Solvent Capacity 1900L 2500L 3300L
Heat Oil Capacity 100L 140L 180L
Dimension Return Type W2500 x D4500 x H4500 W2500 x D4800 x H4500 W2650 x D5200 x H4700
Through Type W3000 x D6400 x H4500 W3000 x D6800 x H4500 W3300 x D7000 x H4700
Electric Capacity *2 φ3 200V 98KW [29KW] φ3 200V 105KW [30KW] φ3 200V 126KW [31KW]
Compressed Air Not lower than 0.4Mpa Not lower than 0.4Mpa Not lower than 0.4Mpa
Exhaust φ250 φ250 φ250
Cooling Water 200L/min (20°C) 200L/min (20°C) 240L/min (20°C)
N2 *3 0.3 - 0.5 MPa 0.3 - 0.5 MPa 0.3 - 0.5 MPa
Steam *4 0.5 MPa x 110 kg/h 0.5 MPa x 120 kg/h 0.5 MPa x 150 kg/h

*1 The ability shown above is for using 2nd Class Petroleum. In case of 3rd Class Petroleum, the value would be 70 - 80%.
*2 The value shown in ( ) is for using steam instead of heat oil.
*3 N2 gas will be used only for fire extinguisher. No use in normal situation.
*4 Steam is not used in heat oil heating type. Only for steam heating type.

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