Best One-Bath Vacuum Cleansing System


Hydrocarbon One-Bath Vacuum Cleaning & Drying System
CLOVA is a compact and low-cost model which adopts CLEANVY's technology and experience.
Its performance of degreasing and cleansing contaminants in your metal processing, etc.,
satisfies you same as our full specification models.


Model CLOVA-3525 CLOVA-4030 CLOVA-6040
Basket Size Square Basket W350 x D250 x H150 W400 x D300 x H200 W600 x D400 x H300
Rotary Basket φ220 x 310L φ270 x 360L φ370 x 560L
Ultrasonic 25KHz 500W 25KHz 1KW 25KHz 2KW
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump 2.2KW (55㎥/h) 3.7KW (88㎥/h) 5.5KW (138㎥/h)
Mechanical Booster Pump 0.4KW (100㎥/h) 0.4KW (100㎥/h) 1.5KW (300㎥/h)
Distillation Ability (& Vapor Ability) 75L/h 100L/h 200L/h
Solvent Capacity 240L 300L 795L
Heat Oil Capacity 25L 30L 45L
Dimension W1650 x D1670 x H1700 W1700 x D1720 x H1700 W2020 x D2270 x H2100
Weight 2000 kg 2500 kg 4000 kg
Electric Capacity φ3 200V 14KW [15KW] φ3 200V 21.5KW [22.5KW] φ3 200V 40KW [42KW]
Compressed Air Not lower than 0.4Mpa Not lower than 0.4Mpa Not lower than 0.4Mpa
Exhaust φ100 φ100 φ100
Cooling Water 30L/min (20°C) 40L/min (20°C) 70L/min (20°C)

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