The Fluorinated Solvent Cleaning System
Which Save Solvent Consumption Most Ever


Fluorinated Solvent Cleaning System with "Path Box"
"Path Box", airlock system enable to decrease the loss of solvent incredibly.
Solvent loss by evaporation decreased to 1/2 - 1/10 of conventional products.

    Suitable for:
  • Substitutes of HCFC/Bromine/Chlorine Solvent
  • Elimination of foreign substance
  • Cleaning of Lense/Glass
  • Cleaning of Plastic Parts, Plastic Box
  • Safety because nonflammable
  • Saving Cost due to less consumption of electric/energy

  • Minimum Solvent Gas Leak owing to "Path Box", which forms double door airlock
  • Maximum Solvent Recovery owing to Freezer (-20°C) equipped to the standard model, compared with the conventional chiller cooling system
  • Solvent Gas Recovery System using freezer in Path Box will collect solvent gas inside, Path Box by condensation before outer door opened


Basket Size Square Basket W400 x D300 x H200
Rotary Basket φ270 x 360L
Ultrasonic 25KHz or 40KHz, 1KW
Circulation Pump 750W (20 L/min)
Vapor/Distillation Ability Approx. 50 L/h (Heater 2KW x 2units)
Solvent Capacity 200L
Weight (Including solvent) 1500 kg
Electric Capacity φ3 200V 8.15KW
Compressed Air Not lower than 0.4Mpa
Path Box Solvent Recovery Air Volume 530 L/min
Freezer 2.2KW (-20°C)
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